mind of a loner.
my entire existence is kinda just one big oxymoron.
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PSA: The ability or inability to speak “proper English” is not an indicator of someone’s level of intelligence.


Decolonize your mind… wit yo’ boojie ass.

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Aph Ko, "The Problem With ‘White Pride’ and a ‘Post-Racial’ Society" (via whatwhiteswillneverknow)

Have you guys heard of “gaslighting”, that type of psychological abuse in which the abuser uses false information to convince the abuse victim that their own memories are unreliable and they are not really being abused?  Because I feel like our whole society, especially the privileged, has a really bad habit of gaslighting oppressed people

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All too often the privileged try to convince the oppressed that there IS actually no oppression— we are all equal. This façade of equality is merely one of several tools in the patriarchal white supremacist tool kit. If you REALLY wanted to assess whether or not racism was still alive, you would just ask those who are most impacted by it, instead of trying to convince them that what they feel every day is a figment of their dangerous crazy imagination. Be suspicious of grand narratives written by the most privileged.


i’m just gonna start fetishizing white dudes i’ll be like cat calling them “you looking like a fine aryan prince’ will they be german who knows who cares 

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we all need to get better at thinking of ourselves like this.


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Note to self: stop rewarding people for doing the bare minimum. You don’t get a gold star for being a decent human being. There are certain courtesies I should just expect, raise the bar and enforce standards so that these things become the norm rather than deifying any Tom, Dick, or Harry I encounter who has good table manners or something of that nature.

Kerry Washington

I’m not interested in living in a world where my race is not a part of who I am. I am interested in living in a world where our races, no matter what they are, don’t define our trajectory in life.
Dear Raven Symone, About You Being "Colorless"... NOPE. | Awesomely Luvvie →

"People who eschew ANY AND ALL classifications confuse me. Classifications and segments aren’t bad in and of themselves. What’s bad are the stereotypes and degradation that come with some of the segments we’re a part of. The acknowledgement of the boxes that we fit in isn’t wrong and neither is the recognition of our differences.

What matters is that we aren’t ostracised and villainized for the spaces we inhabit. You have a right to not want to be defined by any one of your identities. However, you can’t sit up there and deny the skin you’re in and reject any and all labels just because you think you’re so different that you fit into nothing and nowhere. You might think you’re Chairman of the board of “You’re So Different” Enterprises but there’s a box for everyone to check.

We are not all the same. Refusing to acknowledge that with some crap on colorblindness helps to perpetuate this crappy system of oppression because forced politeness and the fear of the “race card” trump actual work and progress.”

When will Iggy Azalea’s work visa expire

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